1) Benefits Using EFT

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a powerful healing tool which coincides well with medicine to treat diseases & discomforts. EFT stimulates the body’s meridian points through the utilization of physical tapping and works through negative programming with psychological re-patterning replacing dysfunctional behaviors with positive love & forgiveness.

Why practice EFT?

This powerful technique may be a useful adjunct tool to getting your body back to center in times of disease. During times of health, EFT is a productive way to warp-speed real world results for specific goals & should be used after consulting with your doctor for approval with your current treatment plan. EFT allows another modality for functional healing without the traditional side effects of additional medications and can be practiced anywhere at any time as needed. This practice teaches you the principles necessary to maintain your health and heal your own body!

This practice may be helpful with a multitude of challenges:

  • Heal past relationships to improve future companionship
  • Increase physical, mental, spiritual, emotional & financial focus
  • Stimulate immune system
  • Attract desired outcomes through law of attraction
  • Decrease previous pain levels to new levels of health
  • Overcome prior sexual traumas
  • Improve quality of sex relations
  • Maintain weight more effectively (decrease or increase)
  • Overcome various addictions
  • Assist with self-distortion of body image
  • Minimize effects of various diseases
  • Increase happiness threshold tremendously
  • Optimize levels of health, wealth, abundance and develop healthy levels of love
  • Create new opportunities for one self
  • Help stimulate the creative mind…

Open your hearts to love & let’s heal together!

Where can EFT be used?

Anywhere! Tapping can help clear mental blockage behind your desk at work. Assistance for jogging the memory under pressure, EFT may provide some release. On the bus, at the club, heading to work, on your lunch break, laying out on the beach, privacy of your room or the public park … all of these locations are ample opportunities to practice EFT.

Who can EFT be used by?

All people have the ability to utilize this tool – EFT is a safe practice for individuals of all ages. Any person ready to overlook challenges and move on with their life or an individual who desires to speed up a positive process may benefit from EFT. A student conquering test taking anxiety, the CEO of a major corporation maintaining calm in merger season and those feeling stimulated by life’s day-to-day tasks and relationships can all benefit from this practice! The applications from utilizing EFT for positive benefits are endless.

Try EFT today to see how quickly your body, mind & relationships will improve effortlessly!

When can EFT be used?

Anytime. EFT is effective in a multitude of scenarios – when a situation triggers an individual making them upset, EFT can help solve what initially triggered the person to react that way. EFT can be used as a preventative measure to circumvent an undesired response to particular situations. Many people choose to work with EFT to clear old emotional trauma associated with life changing events (ie. Child Abuse, sexual trauma, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). EFT works when you have 5 minutes to spare during a coffee break or for deeper multiple hour sessions.

How is EFT best utilized?

There are a multitude of successful options to utilize EFT practice. We offer specialized classes for improvement of generalized malaise, disease-specific circle to alleviate common effects from disease & trauma circles. Once a person has been gifted with the knowledge of EFT practice, they have the ability to facilitate the process themselves.

*Legal Disclaimer*: EFT is a non-FDA approved technique which may be practiced by human beings of all ages. This powerful technique should be used only after consulting with your doctor for approval in conjunction with your current treatment plan. EFT is not a substitution for proper medical care and should be exercised under the care of a physician. If patient experiences any overwhelming side effects, discontinue session and please consult your medical doctor.